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Having a professional eyebrow wax can give, shape definition and contouring to the eyebrows. We aim to remove any fair hairs that cannot be seen and shape the eyebrow thus giving it a professional groomed and fresher enhanced look.

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Esteem Beauty Clinic

At Esteem Beauty Clinic we aim to provide a relaxing calm and professional environment where you can take time out of your busy life to acquire some much needed time for yourself.  Our treatments are set to give you the ultimate sense of wellbeing whilst calming the mind body and soul. Our highly experienced beauty therapists will endeavour to make your experience a memorable one by giving you expert care and advice and catering for your every need. Whether it be skincare advice, beauty or general wellbeing our therapists are at hand to help. Our aim is to make sure that you leave the clinic feeling revitalized, relaxed and feeling your best.

Massage therapy

Therapeutic massage is a luxury but can be considered as very beneficial in the prevention of poor health, aches and pains and alleviation of stress. As stress is a considerable factor to illness in general due to peoples fast pace of life, massage can be considered as a way of balancing the mind and body and giving a sense of well being.

Beauty treatments that help you relax, look your best and feel amazing

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Luxury manicure

Relax and enjoy one of our soothing, luxurious manicures focusing fully on the hands and nails. This will include shaping of the nails, addressing cuticles, exfoliating the surrounding skin, massage and to finish nail paint enabling your choice of colour. We use the highest quality products for nails including OPI nail technology and Shellac for gel nails and overlays. Our therapists are experts in treating nail conditions such as flaky, weak and soft nails or nails that just wont grow for any length of time. They can give you a programme to encourage nail growth and your nails will be looking healthy and groomed in no time.

Luxury pedicure

A pedicure in not only good for improving the appearance of the feet and toe nails but is can be a deeply therapeutic and relaxing experience. Our aim is to work on the whole foot, shaping the toe nails, addressing the cuticles, skin exfoliation including removal of hard skin and to finish with a relaxing, luxurious foot and leg massage. All pedicures will include a varnish at the end of treatment in a colour of your choice or we can offer Shellac to be applied to the toes for an additional cost.   Always remember to bring along an open toe pair of shoes with you for your treatment.

Shellac gel nails

The gels are applied in the same way as nail polish but are treated underneath an LED lamp. The advantage of Gel nails is that they are hard wearing with no chipping and peeling and can last for a period of up to 3 weeks. They soak off completely in 15 minutes. They are brilliant if you want to go on holiday and don’t want to be bothered with painting your nails. Because they are easy to remove no damage or harm is caused to the natural nail underneath and new growth is encouraged.

If you would like your gel nails removed to have gel put on, we recommend that we buff or soak them off for you professionally to avoid causing any damage to the natural nail.

Eyelash and eyebrow tint and shape

Eyelash tinting will add colour to the lashes creating more definition to the lash thus opening the appearance of the eye. The lashes will look fuller in appearance and thicker after treatment.

We appreciate that the eyebrow creates the main framework to the face, therefore it is essential that they are enhanced and defined to create balance. An eyebrow tint will create shape and definition to create perfect eyebrows that will stand out beautifully.

A professional eyebrow shape will enhance and pronounce your natural brow, which will be further enhanced by an eyebrow tint. Then we will add colour to the lashes to give a fuller effect with volume and texture  Get the perfect look for your brows and lashes.

Eyelash extentions

Here at Esteem Beauty Clinic we can offer lash extensions.  This fantastic treatment offers lashes that are thicker, longer and darker in appearance. Individual synthetic eyelash extensions are applied to the natural lash to create this look.  Lashes are supplied in different ranges of widths and lengths to suit your specific needs.

Waxing - Hair removal

Here at Esteem Beauty Clinic we offer professional wax treatments. Hair is removed from its root form to produce long lasting results. We use special wax that will help to calm and sooth areas as they are treated.

Upper lip

Hairs that appear on the upper lip can be embarrassing and unsightly. We can remove them from the upper lip by using waxing techniques and leaving it feeling smooth and hair free, thus improving your confidence.



Removal of hair from the chin by waxing the area to create a smooth appearance and restore confidence.


Lip & Chin

Removal of hair from the lip and chin by using waxing techniques to leave the area feeling smooth, revitalized and restoring confidence.


Sides of Face

Removal of unwanted hair to the sides of face leaving the area smooth, revitalized and restoring confidence.


Whole Face

Removal of hair from the eyebrows, lip, chin and sides of face leaving all areas of the face looking smooth, enhanced and restoring facial confidence.



Having a professional eyebrow wax can give, shape definition and contouring to the eyebrows. We aim to remove any fair hairs that cannot be seen and shape the eyebrow thus giving it a professional groomed and fresher enhanced look.


Under Arm

Using waxing techniques to remove unwanted under arm hair meaning that you will be hair free for at least 4 weeks. Perfect if you are planning a holiday.



Removal of hairs from the arm area leaving the arm feeling silky smooth and hair free.



A bikini wax will removed unwanted hair from the sides of the panty line. The area will be smooth and rid of unsightly hairs getting you ready for those summer months.



A brazilian wax consists of removal of hair from the front and sides of the intimate bikini area leaving a “landing strip”  appearance. Great for your summer holidays.



A hollywood wax consists of removal of hair from the whole of the intimate bikini area, leaving it smooth and hair free for up to 6 weeks. Perfect for your summer holidays.


Half leg

Removal of  hair from the lower leg. This will last for up to 4 weeks and will leave the area smooth and stubble free. Say goodbye to shaving.


Full leg

Removal of hair from the whole leg. This will last for up to 4 weeks and will leave the area smooth and stubble free.

Before treatment: Ideally we would like you to let the hair grow at least 1cm long before you attend your appointment.

After Treatment: Please avoid hot baths, swimming, tanning, tight clothing or perfumed lotions for at least 24 hours after treatment has occurred as any of the above listed may cause irritation to the treated area. Avoid make-up to the facial area that has been treated for at least 12 hours. It is best to apply a soothing balm or after wax lotion such as Aloe Vera after waxing to calm and soothe the area.

Procdure performed by Chloe, Highly Advanced Beautitian with 6 years experience


Semi-permanent make-up is fabulous for people who have little or no eyebrows or lips thats have decreased in size and lost their definition. The procedure is a form of tattooing that is administered superficially to the skin. It's less invasive than normal tattooing and lasts up to eighteen months. A touch-up procedure will normally occur after 6 weeks.


Only £175


Semi-Permanent Make-up: Brows