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FibroBlast Treatment

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It's holistic approach works by stimulating the contraction of skin fibers instantly through a so-called 'plasma flash'.

This flash - from a hand-held device with a tiny tip - evaporates superficially on the skin at a tiny point, which shrinks the skin around the eyelid. Futher points are placed in a grid across the skin's surface, pulling the skin tighter.


This non-surgical procedure can be completed in just 30 minutes and visibly lifts the skin around the eye area. You can gain an instant rejuvenated and bright eyeed look without the need for surgery. We anaesthetise the area before treatment begins.

Purebeau Fibroblast is a revolutionary permanent eye lift procedure that requires no surgery. It tightens and lifts the skin around the eye area with instant results.

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Before & after treatment

6 weeks after treatment

Frequently Asked Questions...

None of our clients consider the treatment to be painful, as an anasthetic is applied before the treatment begins.

Is Fibroblast painful?

Immediatley after treatment, the area may be red and small brown spots are visable 1-2 days after the treatments. Swelling may occur and some crusting where the small brown dots are evident.


After 5-7 days, the sloughing of the wound healing process will have disappeared. Slight redness is no longer visable and after 3 weeks at the latests you will have your desired results.

Are there any side effects?

A session lasts around 30 minutes with instant results.

How long does each treatment session take?

Yes. Once the skin fibers are shortened, the effects are permanent.

Is the treatment permanent?