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Thread Vein Treatments

Thread veins can appear on the face or legs and cause distress and embarrassment. With a course of treatment in our Stourbridge clinic, you can have vein-free, smooth skin again. The process is called photothermolysis. Our skilled laser specialist will use a laser to target the affected area in short bursts to avoid harming the skin. The laser will target the vein, heat the blood vessel and disperse it. The laser can treat a mass of veins or singular ones. All patients will require a test patch prior to treatment just to monitor the patients reaction to the laser. Normally if there is no reaction within 48 hours the patient can go ahead with treatment. A course is recommended normally unless there is just one vein to treat.

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Laser Treament to the Face

Laser treatment is a very safe and effective way  for treating thread veins to the face that can be unsightly and embarrassing.  Using the most innovative technology in laser our highly skilled technicians will be able to treat the veins to the face only targeting the specific veins without harming the rest of the face.  Our lasers will eliminate unwanted veins enabling the face to be vein-free and smooth and radiant again.

Laser Skin Revitalisation

The ageing process can sometimes make the surface layer of the skin look dull and sallow. Laser skin revitalisation works by breaking down the surface layer of the skin to target our natural collagen and to stimulate it thus encouraging new healthy skin.


It is also very effective for acne scarring, pigmentation,  pitted skin and fine lines and wrinkles. We normally recommend a course of  3 to start with which will guarantee that you will achieve glowing, fresher skin making its appearance more healthy, balanced and youthful.


Laser Hair Removal

By using Laser we can target and eliminate unwanted dark hair to the face, and body. Excessive body hair can cause confidence issues especially when it is facial. Laser hair removal is  a very safe procedure and achieves fantastic results meaning that you will never have to shave or wax again.


We can target all areas of the body and it is a popular procedure for men and women. It works by pointing the laser beam towards the base of the hair follicle and eliminating its growth. A course is normally recommended as the follicles grow at different stages meaning that one treatment is not sufficient.  A test patch is required prior to treatment.

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