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Elionce is a premium thread treatment which uses polydioxanone to create a natural, fresher and younger looking face. It is often referred to as the ’20 minute lift’ due to its simplicity and minimal downtime. We provide consultations for this treatment.


  • Premium biodegradable threads

  • Non-Surgical Facial

  • Simple and safe

  • Minimal downtime

  • Immediate and long lasting results.

Thread lift

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Elionce Premium thread treatment

Why choose an Elionce Thread Lift

A local anaesthetic is administered to ensure the patient is comfortable. The procedure involves the insertion of thread under the skin via very fine needles or a specially designed cannula.

What is the process of a Thread Lift Procedure

Thread anchor points hold the tissue and provide lifting when tensioned.


Mechanical stimulation of the cells in the skin following the thread insertion into the dermis or subcutaneous tissue.


As the threads dissolve, the polydioxanone property promotes the generation of collagen to maintain the lifting effect and improve the skin tone.

The threads work in three ways


Before and After Lower Face