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Find inner peace and equilibrium

Here at Esteem not only do we offer cosmetic and beauty treatments but we also offer a clinic that provides alternative therapies to contribute to your general health and emotional wellbeing. Our aim is to to treat the whole body including the treatment of common ailments and health issues, to emotional issues, to physical wellbeing issues.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a treatment that is aimed to create an element of calm, tranquility, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It works on many levels and can create a sense of balance making the individual feel centered, relaxed and more focused during and after the session has taken place.  Some people speak of feeling totally de-stressed, experiencing less headaches and enduring better sleep patterns contributing to a deeper sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.


Our highly experienced therapist will connect to problematic areas of the person by placing their hands on the body. This will allow energy to channel through them to the areas of concern to the body that is needed most. The therapist will endeavour to clear blockages to the body that effect the energy flow. Reiki energy concentrates on the Chakras in the body aiming to clear blockages that pain and dysfunction have created.


Help build your self esteem with our alternitive therapies

For help with emotional issues and to find your inner peace, visit the clinic today or call us on 01384 444 261 to book an appointment or consultation

Holistic Theraphy

Our holistic therapist treats a range of ailments drawing on a broad portfolio of therapies. Fully qualified in massage techniques and holistic therapies you will get treatment of both mind and body. If you are suffering from a sports injury, need to improve posture, or if you simply need a good relaxing massage to let the worries of the world drift away, call today.

For the full list of therapies on offer, please see our brochure.


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